The idea behind all this…

We all seem too busy working for the odd euro to buy ourselves even more things we do not need and often do not really want but tend to forget to reach out to the ones who we care about.

So this small Site/Project is about letting someone know that you care and think of him or her on a given day. The idea is to send a small present (book or cd, cloths, a game or whatever) to someone (family or friend, neighbour or workmate) who cares and make him/her aware that you care. Maybe someone who has not heard from you in a while. We like to think your gift will be very much appreciated as it may come as a surprise and maybe your workmate will also send a message to someone who cares when getting your gift. If you think this is hokum thats fine with us, but if you can relate to this idea might want to send out a message to a friend than we’d be very happy if you refer to this idea and this site in your message.

Thanks for dropping by and keeping us sane! Markus & Mirco